A’right me duck? Weirdos visit Nottingham to see normal person

THE MIDLANDS city of Nottingham was yesterday visited by literally tens of well-wishers hoping to catch sight of someone a week ago they’d never heard of.

An assortment of people, but overwhelmingly middle-aged housewives with nothing better to do,  arrived early morning to ‘bagsy’ prime viewing spots along the proposed route.

Beverly Atkins, 57,  traveled all the way from West Bridgford. She said, ‘I knew they were due to arrive at midday, so I got a bus at 5.30 this morning. There were some roadworks outside Trent Bridge that got me panicking, but luckily I made it. I got here at 5.37’.

The nation appears to have taken the actress to its bosom following news of her engagement to Prince Harry, despite only people with a Netflix account knowing of her existence a week ago.

Sandra Redfern from Doncaster said, ‘They arrived in their limousine and fleet of Special Service cars and to be honest, looked like any normal couple, waving at the crowd, accepting flowers, getting presents from fans.

At one point Meghan disappeared  inside Boots on the High Street. She came out a few minutes later with a box of Tampax. It’s nice to know she’s human’.

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