Bloke has a good idea ten seconds after wife said it

A MAN from Leicester had an idea straight after his wife said it first, it’s emerged.

Steve Cable, 32, was at home with wife Mandy when the idea happened.

He said, ‘I was looking through Amazon TV, trying to find something that wasn’t absolute drivel, when I had this great idea. I turned to Mandy and said, “We should drive somewhere and have a picnic”’.

‘Except I’d just said the very same thing a few seconds before,’ said Mandy.

‘It’s almost as though I don’t listen to her or something’ muses Steve.

‘I wish you did’. Said Mandy. ‘It’s infuriating. You do it all the time’.

‘Do I?’ Replied Steve, sounding almost impressed at what anyone else would regard as a failing.

‘Yes! It undermines our whole relationship. It really would mean a lot to me if you listened more’.


Steve wasn’t listening. He was remembering that last scotch egg in the park and thinking, ‘That picnic was a great idea. Mandy is one lucky woman’’.


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