Cowed man realises wife is, in fact, always right

A HISTORY teacher from Stevenage has finally come to the conclusion his wife is always right.

Chris Hallam, 36, made the discovery only recently, despite his wife knowing for many years.

The couple were out celebrating their anniversary when Chris had the epiphany.

He said, ‘We’d hoped to eat at the little restaurant where we had our first date. Kate had told me all week to book a table,’  “About 50 times,” adds Kate, really helpfully – ‘but, I didn’t think we’d need to. Not on a Tuesday’.

‘And guess what?’ asks Kate.

‘Fully booked’, adds Chris. ‘I should’ve known better. I should’ve listened to Kate. She’s always right about things like that. It would have avoided the scene in McDonalds that followed. Can you see the burn on my forehead where she threw her apple pie at me?’

The couple hope to avoid any future disappointments. ‘I’m just going to do whatever Kate says from now on. It’s the most sensible option’.

Although Kate didn’t comment any further, her raised eyebrows and closed-mouth smile seemed to agree with Chris’ conclusion.




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