Doctor’s God complex tested by illness

A DOCTOR is today questioning his omnipotence after falling ill, it has emerged.

David Bannister, a GP from Oswestry, woke Thursday morning confused and with a sore throat.

The sore throat is thought to be the result of a virus, whereas the confusion is thought to be the result of the sore-throat.

Dr  Bannister said, ‘If I am god, which I believe is the case, then why have I made myself ill? It’s a conudrum, but if anyone can find the answer, surely it’s me’.

This isn’t the first time a doctor has  questioned themself.

In August 1981, Sarah Thriftmore , a thoracic surgeon from Epping was driving to her in-laws for Easter. Exiting the M3 at junction 7, she first thought she might have taken a wrong turn. She then decided, in fact, she hadn’t.

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