‘Dry January’ man’s kidney explodes following 2 week December bender

A 30 year old man who planned an alcohol-free NewYear is today recovering in hospital after one of his kidneys exploded.

Steve Bracknell, from Maidenhead, told friends he was going to ‘give the old liver a rest in January’ before embarking on a 13 day drinking spree.

Mr Bracknell was found slumped over his kitchen table yesterday morning, having doused his Shreddies with Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Recovering in hospital, Mr Bracknell said, “I woke up with a shocker of a hangover and was just trying to take the edge off. Plus, we’d drunk all the White Russian”.

Claire Dunn, Mr Bracknell’s girlfriend said, “He’s a bit embarrassed. Everyone now know he drinks Baileys”.

When asked why he felt the need to drink so much alcohol in December, Mr Bracknell said, “First off, I’d just like to say the Baileys was a gift from my nan.

“Secondly,  I was squeezing as much out of the festive season as I could. Probably to combat what is going to be a boring-as-s**t January”.



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