I’ll cut your hair however the f**k I like, says hairdresser

HAIRDRESSERS couldn’t give a rat’s arse about what their customers want, it has emerged.

Rather than following patron’s requests, hair stylists and barbers around the world are making a dog’s dinner of people’s hair – usually on a variation of ‘They’ve Cut It Too F**cking Short,’ say people everywhere that have ever visited a hair salon in history, ever.

One barber said, ‘You don’t enter this industry for the pleasure of cutting hair. You come into it for the look on people’s faces when you send them out the door, deeply unhappy, having charged them £50 for the pleasure’.

One stylist from Dagenham blamed a lack of communication. ‘You know when you ask directions from someone and halfway through you turn off and stop listening? You don’t mean to, you just do. It’s a bit like that – except I mean to’.

‘Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t care, it’s… Actually, that’s it entirely. I just don’t care’.

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