Man buys Crocs and immediately admits: I’ve given up on life

REPORTS SAY the man bought the footwear then returned home to his wife saying ‘Sheila, I just don’t give a s**t anymore’

Adrian Bass, 45, purchased the shoes on Saturday. He said, ‘I appreciate nobody old enough to grow body hair should wear these, but I saw a Dutch man wearing a pair in Majorca over the summer and he just looked so damn… carefree.

I’d been thinking about letting the world know I couldn’t  give a flying toss anymore. I just couldn’t decide on the best way.

First, I thought about buying a pair of cargo shorts, but soon realised that was the wrong look. I didn’t want people thinking I was a c**t!

So I went into Clarks on The Bullring and asked to try on a pair of sandals. My intention being to wear them with sports socks and go for that Real Ale Drinker’s look.

But then I saw a pair of bright orange Crocs, remembered the guy on holiday and it was like, ‘That’s it. It has to be a pair of colourful rubberised shoes. Then the world will truly know. They’ll look at me and think: there goes a man who couldn’t give a f**k’.


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