Three year old confesses: all my favourite TV shows are s**t

A TODDLER from South London has been alarmed to discover all his beloved TV programs are, in fact, utter bollocks.

Leo Jackson from Clapham was relaxing at home last Thursday afternoon when he reached this conclusion.

He said, ‘I’d just sat down after a long day and was watching Thomas the Tank Engine. It was the one where he’s Really Useful. And about 5 minutes in I had this realization: this is dogsh*t’.

I ordered mummy to turn over and we started watching Bob the Builder. But, once again, after a few minutes I was just staring at the TV wandering how something so bad ever got commissioned. It’s got Neil Morrissey doing voices for Christ sake! What on earth were they thinking?’

Leo has since widened his tastes. He says, ‘I thought Breaking Bad was pretty good up to season 3 and then got a bit far-fetched. We’re halfway through Stranger Things season 2, but you know what the strangest thing is? The kids still can’t act’.



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